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Finally, a reputable study from Mozilla highlights our Firefox porn-surfing habits

A recent Mozilla Test Pilot study has shone light on an uncomfortable truth: people are using their lunch breaks to masturbate. Entitled "Understanding Private Browsing," the findings are remarkably clear; there are four very well-defined peaks in our Private Browsing habits, and most of our Private Browsing "sessions" are around 10 minutes long. Those four peaks are lunch break, after work/sc...

How to force your web browser to start in private browsing mode

Just about every major browser now includes a private browsing (yes, yes..."Porn") mode. What you might not have known is that you can force your browser to go straight into private browsing mode when you launch it. It's as easy as adding a simple command line switch. Not sure how to add a command line switch? It's simple. On Windows, just find the shortcut for your browser and right-clic...