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BitTorrent debuting second installment of Pioneer One, the made-for-torrent sci-fi drama

Alright sci-fi fans, it's that time again -- it's been a month since we last heard from the folks behind Pioneer One, and the word then was that come mid-December, there'd be a second episode. Well, it's now officially the middle of December, so let's get campy. Support from the P2P community hasn't waned in the months since the show's premiere, and may even be stronger than before. BitTorrent...

Torrent-loving sci-fi drama Pioneer One landing soon with new episodes

The folks behind Pioneer One have been busy since the show's pilot release back in June, and it seems as though their hard work is beginning to pay off. The pilot was a campy success, having won Best Drama Pilot at the New York Television Festival -- but it won instant pseudo-historical status as well. It was the first science fiction drama series to be produced entirely off of donation-funding a...

Watch the first "made-for-torrent" drama series: Pioneer One

It's pretty amazing what $6,000 USD can accomplish when there are enough people willing to work for free. That's how much the pilot episode of Pioneer One cost to shoot, and the entire amount was raised at Kickstarter. The series is the latest indie-project to be brought to the P2P universe by VODO, which stands for VOluntary DOnation. VODO works to bring indie films -- that wouldn't otherwise be...