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Google defends its dropping of H.264, announces WebM plug-ins for IE and Safari

After Google's announcement last week that it would be dropping H.264 HTML5 video support, the tech world exploded. As the dust settled -- as the fragments of brainless bile drifted slowly back to the tech blog morass -- it became clear that there were two evenly-split sides. Half of the tech world, spearheaded by TechCrunch's slavering Siegler, felt that Google had figuratively defecated on its o...

Internet Explorer 8 renders Acid 2 successfully

Today Web developers everywhere breathed a sigh of relief when Microsoft's Internet Explorer team revealed their latest milestone: IE8 now renders the Acid2 face properly! For those who aren't familiar with this test, Acid2 is designed to determine how compliant a given web browser is with published HTML. A fully compliant browser displays a smiling yellow face. However, non-compliant browsers...