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Scriblink - Your own online whiteboard

Scriblink is an online digital whiteboard that allows you collaborate with others online through writing on a digital whiteboard. You can invite up to five people to join your board at a time and can talk to your guests through an in-screen chat function. You can write on your board using different colors and shapes and theres a layout toolkit to help you with the complex stuff. If you don't have...

Collaborate online with Octopz

Octopz is an online collaboration tool that launched at Web 2.0 last week. The tool allows up to 5 people to get together online and collaborate on projects. Designed particularly with creative professionals in mind, Octopz allows users to mark-up photos and video within their system without downloading any software. For instance if you were decorating an apartment for someone across the country,...

Online mind mapping using MindMeister and

Mind mapping has been increasingly becoming a popular method for brainstorming or list-making. As anyone that has put a mind map up on a projector and used it to lead a meeting knows, mind maps can be an impressive and very useful way to organize thoughts, particularly when trying to keep a group of people on-task. But until now, there have been few options in terms of available mind mapping...