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Microsoft Office Live lawsuit

Remember that new Office Live productivity suite that Microsoft just launched? It's facing a lawsuit. A company called OfficeLive has filed a trademark infringement suit over Microsoft's use of the "Office Live" name. OfficeLive runs sites that offer free professional advice to consumers under the names and, among others. An injunction has been issued ...

Pay version of Google Apps for your domain coming soon?

Google Apps for your domain allows domain owners to host email services at Google in a similar format to Gmail, with the added benefit of using their own unique domain. Administrators also have the ability to activate Google Talk, Calendar, custom start page, and domain web pages for different user accounts that they create. Google is expected to soon add Docs & Spreadsheets to this list as we...

Get a free domain name care of Microsoft

Microsoft has an incredible offer on the table right now. Free domain names! Can it really be all that? Microsoft is offering free domains through its Office Live program for businesses. The free package consists of: Free domain name and web hosting Web site design tools 500MB of web storage 25 email accounts Web site reports Search engine advertising tool So what about the domain n...