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Younicorn: turn anyone into a unicorn with your iPhone

Of all the novelty photo apps we've seen on the iPhone, Younicorn might be the weirdest. It turns anyone into a glowing, psychedelic unicorn, and it's based on the simple philosophy that everyone looks better with a long, pointy horn growing out of their head. Younicorn is to photos what Cornify is to websites, but better. There are several backgrounds to choose from, including sparkles,...

Get messed up with I-Doser

Anyone who has been on the Internet for any amount of time has undoubtedly stumbled across something that sounds like a scam. Nigerian bankers, p-p-p-powerbooks, get rich quick schemes, there seems to be no end to suspicious products and services online. When we first heard about I-Doser, we were understandably skeptical. The makers of this program sell "doses" for it, which are basically scripts...

Italian writes novel on mobile phone

Writing a novel is a heavy task. Writing a novel using only your cell phone as an input device must be maddening. That's precisely what one Italian man did, and he lived to tell the tale. From Betanews, "Bernocco, who wrote in his native Italian, utilized the phone's T9 predictive text input designed by Tegic and formerly owned by AOL. He did not use shorthand and transferred the text to his...