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Install Mythbuntu 8.10 from Windows with Wubi

Now that Ubuntu 8.10 is available (as well as its official cousins, Kubuntu 8.10 and Xubuntu 8.10), all of the unofficial community-run projects based on Ubuntu are updating their code. And that includes Mythbuntu, an operating system designed to turn your PC into a media center by fusing the open source MythTV software with Ubuntu. Mythbuntu 8.10 incorporates many of the updates that you'll...

Ubuntu-based media center Mythbuntu 7.10 released

You probably know by now that Ubuntu comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There's the stripped down Xubuntu for slower-performing systems, Edubuntu for kids and teachers, and Kubuntu with the more Windows-like interface. But there are also community supported projects like Ubuntu Studio and Mythbuntu. These projects aren't sponsored by Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu. But they build on...

Set up an Ubuntu Linux based media center with Mythbuntu

Seems like there's a new Ubuntu-based Linux distribution coming out at least once a month. Last month it was Ubuntu Studio, a distro designed for creative professionals interested in audio, video, and image editing. This week we saw the alpha release of Mythbuntu, a distro for those who'd rather consume media than create it. Just as Ubuntu is designed to make Linux accessible to the casual user,...