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iOS 4.2 may have been delayed due to an iPad Wi-Fi bug, new golden master could be on the way

iOS 4.2 was supposed to become available today, however new reports are coming in that its release has been delayed again. While the previously rumored delay existed thanks to issues with Japanese characters not being displayed properly, this delay has its roots in something more important -- Wi-Fi connection issues that have been reported by many users of the golden master for the iPad. What h...

Browsing on Android isn't as dangerous as some may believe

I don't want to sound like a grizzled old Lou Grant smoking a cigar and tossing back belts of the scotch I keep in my desk for the days the news doesn't go so good (which is, incidentally, every day.) but there are some stories you just toss in the wait and watch pile. Earlier today the word on the street was that if you even opened your browser on the Android mobile phone in your pocket, you had...