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Think is a mind-mapping service for beginners

Think is a pretty basic mind map web app. I've played around with it, and here's my quick analysis: Pros: Non-flash -- some people might like that, I guess. Can work on the iPad, for example. Simple -- you can't do much (that's a con, too, see below). For people new to mind mapping, this can be a good thing. You don't need to create an account -- the service supports OpenID so you can just...

Online mind mapping using MindMeister and

Mind mapping has been increasingly becoming a popular method for brainstorming or list-making. As anyone that has put a mind map up on a projector and used it to lead a meeting knows, mind maps can be an impressive and very useful way to organize thoughts, particularly when trying to keep a group of people on-task. But until now, there have been few options in terms of available mind mapping...