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HeLauncher for Android offers 10 different home screen styles including HTC Sense, Motorola Blur

Picking an Android launcher is tricky business. Most of them have so many features and config options that it takes a matter of weeks to learn all of their intricacies -- and you can't possibly know which one suits your needs without trying out a few! HeLauncher, by offering no less than 10 different home screen styles, gives you a simpler way of finding a home screen that suits your style. Thi...

Android launcher showdown: LauncherPro, ADW, Zeam, GO Launcher and QuickDesk

Android's greatest, platform-defining feature is customizability. The entire operating system is open-sourced, APIs are laid bare, and almost every user-facing part of the OS can be modified by apps. There's no surprise, then, that replacement apps exist for almost every part of Android's stock functionality. In turn, to complete the circle of life, new versions of Android incorporate the func...