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WebGL 1.0 spec finalized, everyone but Microsoft supports it

The Khronos Group has finally put its stamp on the WebGL 1.0 spec, and that's good news for those of you running Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, and any other up-to-date WebKit browsers. If you're an Internet Explorer user, however, you're still not invited to the party. Microsoft, with IE9 only being available for Windows Vista and 7, is perfectly content with IE9's DirectX-based hardware...

3D browser apps and games creep ever closer with the WebGL draft standard

The Khronos Group, which is in charge of the tried-and-tested OpenGL framework, has announced that its work with Mozilla to form a 3D Web standard has reached draft standard form. Ladies and gentlemen: WebGL is born! Draft standards rarely undergo many changes, and most of the important details and unique selling points are now set in stone. There are already nascent, developer versions of WebGL...

OpenGL welcomes Google, Apple and Dell

Google, Apple and Dell are among a recent group of companies that have joined the Khronos Group, a developer of the OpenGL graphics standard. The Khronos Group is funded by members to create open standard royalty free API's that allow playback of dynamic media across a wide array of platforms and devices. Khronos members are from a broad spectrum in the industry, and include many companies from...