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Spybot Search & Destroy destroying Tablet PC functionality?

James Kendrick over at JKOnTheRun is reporting that the latest updates from the popular Spybot Search & Destroy anti-spyware application are falsely detecting and removing files that are crucial to the correct functioning of Tablet PCs. The fix appears to require rolling back to a recent system restore point, which to me makes puts this problem in the serious category. Of course, you're immun...

Hands-on with OneNote Mobile from Office 2007 beta 2

James Kendrick over at jkontherun has posted his first impressions of working with OneNote Mobile, the much anticipated add-on for OneNote 2007. So far he's giving it a thumbs up, save for the fact that it appears not to be able to handle ink input, or the ability to sync ink back to the mobile unit. It seems OneNote Mobile was written initially for SmartPhones which lack a touchscreen for input, ...