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YouTube Video Editor gets impressive stabilization and 3D Video Creator

Google has just updated its cloud-based YouTube video editor to include the fruits of its recent purchase, plus a bit of 3D thrown in for good measure. The in-browser editor can now dramatically reduce camera shake using technology acquired from Green Parrot Pictures. It works by charting the best camera path for you, as if you were using a dolly or tripod, using a 'unified optimization techniq...

Google acquires video quality specialist Green Parrot Pictures, will improve YouTube's cute cat videos

Google has acquired Green Parrot Pictures, a company that specializes in video quality improvement technology. It sounds like Google (and its massive YouTube wing) want to do something about the low-quality video that comes from smartphones and webcams -- and judging by the demonstrations of its technologies on the Green Parrot Pictures site (embedded after the break), it looks like Google h...