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Keyboard shortcuts make Google Instant even faster

Like it or loathe it, Google Instant is here to stay. Big G reckons that it saves you 2-5 seconds per search, but now Google's pushing ahead with pure keyboard navigation. Of course, you've always been able to select from the suggested search terms using the arrow keys, but now the arrow up and down buttons can be used to skip through the actual search results. Hitting Enter on the desired result...

Google Instant launches, searching now 'faster than the speed of type'

That's Google's pun in the title, but by Zeus's greased lightningbolt! I wish I'd thought of it first. Google's big announcement is the launch of Google Instant. I think most of us had hoped Instant would be but a part of today's goodies, but alas! You can try it out by simply heading to -- and if it hasn't been activated for you yet, check out our previous post on the topic. ...