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Google streaming I/O conference 2011 live for those who can't make it

The Google I/O conference, a gathering of developers from across the globe to San Francisco's Moscone Center, sold out in under an hour. In an effort to encompass as many people as clearly want to join in with the conference, Google is going to stream the keynotes, sessions and Developer Sandbox, live via the Google I/O website. This is in addition to the already planned I/O Extended viewing...

Android in-app payments may finally launch in May

One of the things developers miss when making the jump from iOS to Android is the lack of in-app payment support on Google's mobile platform. On iOS, this has long been a cash cow for app developers, and naturally they're looking forward to Android receiving the functionality as soon as possible. Google has already launched a beta of the in-app payment system, but there was never a clear, set...