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Android launcher showdown: LauncherPro, ADW, Zeam, GO Launcher and QuickDesk

Android's greatest, platform-defining feature is customizability. The entire operating system is open-sourced, APIs are laid bare, and almost every user-facing part of the OS can be modified by apps. There's no surprise, then, that replacement apps exist for almost every part of Android's stock functionality. In turn, to complete the circle of life, new versions of Android incorporate the func...

Go Launcher is a slick, customizable home screen for Android

Now that my Android device is cluttered with apps and games, I figured it was time to tidy up my home screen -- and Go Launcher is up to the task. It's a highly customizable home replacement which supports app folders (like iOS), and widgets, multiple pages, and a huge number of user-configurable settings. Tap the grid icon and Go displays all your apps in a paged 4x4 grid -- which you can swi...