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Mozilla bringing Firefox Home to BlackBerry, Symbian, and Facebook and Twitter access

Mozilla has just pushed out an epic blog post that details the future of Firefox Home, mainly stating that it's heading to both the BlackBerry and Symbian mobile phone platforms in the coming months. If you've not heard of Firefox Home, watch the video after the break for a short intro. Other than two new platforms, the blog post mentions that Facebook and Twitter integration, Panorama settings...

Firefox Home update adds more powerful search, private server support

Firefox Home has become one of my most-used iPhone apps, and the recent update has added a greatly-improved search function. Previously, FF Home could search your synced content. Now, however, it will actually search Google if no matches are found (check the official demo video after the fold to see it in action). Another welcome addition is support for private servers -- you're no longer lef...

Firefox home arrives in iTunes store, apparently contains naughty content

Just yesterday I was musing about why Firefox Home had yet to appear in the App Store, and today it finally has! Approval was pretty much a foregone conclusion: like Opera's app, Firefox Home is not actually a browser and doesn't utilize any undocumented APIs. Both apps were designed from the get-go to be approved -- and, ultimately, they were. Don't worry, you're free to install both on your ...