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Norton Internet Security crits World of Warcraft, claims its not a critical system file

In news that makes McAfee's svchost.exe mishap look like a sunny, smiley walk in the park, Symantec and its Norton suite of security tools has found World of Warcraft to be malware. Countless installations of World of Warcraft were destroyed until it was rapidly fixed on Thursday last week. In fairness, it was quite an easy mistake to make: Symantec uses human analysts to flag programs with...

Avast has a freak out, goes on a false positive spree

Earlier this morning, we received a tip from a developer that his office encountered a rather serious issue: Avast started detecting all binaries created with Delphi as malware - a gigantic problem if you happen to be developing Delphi apps in-house. At first it looked like an isolated incident, but it now appears to be anything but. Avast's user forums [update] have been getting hammered for...

Microsoft says Gmail is a virus

Did you know that every time you log onto Gmail you're getting infected? Okay, okay, you're probably not, but Microsoft's Windows Live OneCare thinks otherwise. Many OneCare users are reporting that every time they access Gmail, they are confronted by an alert telling them that the page is infected with the BAT/BWG.A virus. Unless Google has really ramped up its world domination schedule, it's...