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'Gang of Six' browsers petition EU for immediate review of Browserchoice screen

Six of the twelve browsers chosen to be a part of the EU "Browser Choice Screen" petitioned the European Commission on Thursday, asking politely -- very politely -- that the Commissioners "consider any of the following suggestions which could be easily and quickly implemented and would allow users to exercise choice." "Ok, seriously? Already? WTF!", was my immediate reaction.

Hey, EU! Internet Explorer now uninstallable in Windows 7

While it's not likely to placate those who are out for browser blood, Microsoft has taken steps toward pacifying the European Union in the latest RC builds of Windows 7. As you can see in the updated Windows Features screen captured by AeroXperience, Internet Explorer 8 can now be removed just like Tablet PC support or Chess Titans. Unlike older versions of Windows where stripping IE with a tool...

EU says Google may be violating privacy laws

The European Union's data protection advisory group sent a letter to Google this month asking why the company keeps records of user searches for up to two years. The underlying issue here is whether Google and other search engines are violating users' privacy rights by maintaining search records, even if those records are used to improve the user experience by offering personalized search...

OpenDocument format finally gets ISO certification

It's taken two years for this to happen, but ODF has finally been approved as a standard format by the International Organization for Standardization. The OpenDocument Format is now poised to be readily adopted throughout Europe, as the EU recognizes the formats recognized by the ISO. BetaNews has the story, plus a great quote from ODF Alliance executive Director Mario Marcich, "We believe...

Microsoft to go Open Source?

I know, the devil turned up the thermostat. In fact, this isn't as drastic as it sounds, nor is it "happening" in any real sense. The move is largely to shut up the griping European Union, who say Microsoft hasn't been complying with their antitrust settlement obligations. Funny, there are people in the DOJ here claiming the same thing... Come on, it's only taken 8 years, truckloads of...