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How to downgrade a Dell Axim X50v the hard way

Last week we let you know about an amazing hack that brings Windows Mobile 6 to the Dell Axim X50v. What makes this hack so amazing is the fact that Dell has no plans that we're aware of to offer Windows Mobile 6 for this discontinued PDA. In fact, Dell's Windows Mobile 5.0 "upgrade" for the X50v was pretty widely panned for being buggy and slow. Windows Mobile 6 runs better than Windows Mobile...

Dell Axim X50v gets unofficial Windows Mobile 6 upgrade

Despite rumors that Dell might be working on a Windows Mobile-based phone, the company is pretty much out of the Windows Mobile business for now. And that leaves Axim X50/51 users pretty much on their own if they want to upgrade their devices from Windows Mobile 5.0 to Windows Mobile 6. Overall, that might not be such a bad thing. Dell did an infamously poor job offering X50 users an upgrade...

Windows Mobile tools for commuters and travelers - Mobile Minute

Back when I was a full time commuter (spending almost as much time on the train every day as I did in the office), I spent a lot of time and energy converting my Windows Mobile PDA from a simple productivity tool into a one-stop entertainment shop. While you could buy a fancy phone that will be obsolete in a year and sign up for an expensive data plan so that you can watch the occasional YouTube...