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Gloobus is a sexy file previewer for your Gnome desktop

Gloobus-Preview is a truly awesome extension for the GNOME Desktop environment for Linux. It gives you a full screen preview of most file types. Based on Apple's Quicklook you can, for example, display the currently played mp3 including a cover window and lyrics on your desktop while playing music with your favorite player like Amarok or Songbird. In other words, you can access a huge number o...

FluidTunes: when iTunes meets Minority Report

FluidTunes is an app that lets you control iTunes from a webcam, using your hands, head or feet. The main screen looks like CoverFlow, with the image from your camera image lightly visible behind it. You can swipe across the album covers to navigate, or swipe the large forward and back buttons for finer control. Play is at the bottom of the screen, and stop is at the top. It reminds me a lot of ...

CoverFlow - Browse Your Music Visually

The act of browsing digital music is simply missing something these days. Our minds work in a visual way, and scrolling through lists of text-based information is simply lacking a visceral experience.   Mac users have an option, though, and it's called CoverFlow. CoverFlow puts your albums into stacks that you can browse through quickly, and get an immediate sense of whether you'd like to ...