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Google Chrome 8 to hit beta channel by next week

Google Chrome is all about speed -- even its development cycle. It's only been two weeks since Chromium was bumped to version 8, and they're already trying to close the v7 Beta book and deliver the next version. Google's Jason Kersey put out a call to the Chromium-dev group for developers to begin wrapping things up. The goal: push Chrome 8 to the beta channel by next week. He goes on to ask...

Google pushes back hardware acceleration to Chrome 9

Hardware acceleration is a hot topic in the current browser market, as competitors attempt to differentiate themselves through speed. Somewhat surprisingly it's actually Internet Explorer 9 leading the way, with its decidedly Windows 7 biased approach. Google's Chrome browser has also flirted with hardware acceleration for many facets of its rendering engine, mainly targeted towards WebGL. But...