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Chrome updated with faster JavaScript engine, tabbed settings and password sync

Last month's beta version of Chrome has become the new stable build, bringing a large JavaScript performance improvement to hundreds of millions of Chrome users. While it's a bit meaningless at this stage, this means the stable channel is now version 10, which first appeared at the end of 2010. The main addition to this version is Crankshaft, a new version of the V8 JavaScript engine that r...

Add a keyboard shortcut to a Chrome bookmark or bookmarklet

It occurred to us, after writing yesterday's list of Chrome keyboard shortcuts, that there was one glaring omission: bookmark shortcuts. Not only does the Bookmark Bar take up valuable real estate, but no one really wants to click through folders of bookmarks to find what you're looking for. Now, Firefox has 'Smart bookmarks', which lets you add a keyword to a bookmark. Chrome, however, o...

Google Chrome Canary hits v10, Crankshaft turbocharges V8 JavaScript engine

With all the Chrome OS and Chrome Web Store hoopla today, a post over at the Chromium blog went mostly unnoticed -- and it's definitely noteworthy. Freshly baked in the Chromium snapshot builds and Google Chrome Canary is Crankshaft, an enhancement to Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine that has yielded some impressive gains. Crankshaft is made up of four components: a runtime profiler for identi...