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Russian firm successfully unlocks encrypted BlackBerry backups

256-bit encryption certainly sounds like it's secure. But depending on how a company implements that encryption, it may not provide quite the level of protection you'd think. That appears to be the case with BlackBerry backup files, if reports from Russian security firm Elcomsoft turn out to be true. Using systems running an Intel Core i7 CPU, they were able to break the 7-character unlock...

Vista brute force hack update: it might work, if you let it run for a year

The author of the program that allegedly generates activation keys for Windows Vista (if you let it run long enough) is back. And now he says the key generator "is a joke, I never intended for it to work." Further, he never actually got the program to work himself, and he says anyone who claims they have is either mistaken or lying. Here's the thing. In theory, the brute force kegyen could work....