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AppBrain vs. Android Market Web Store, which one will rule supreme?

With yesterday's release of the Android Market Web Store, the venerable and superlative AppBrain finally has some competition. At first glance, the services are very similar -- the logos could be cut from the same mold, and both sites use green-and-grey highlights throughout. Even the layout is basically the same! When you get right down to it, though, there are some marked differences between...

Discover Windows Phone 7 apps with Bing Visual Search

You can now browse the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace with Bing's Visual Search tool. According to the announcement, it only works in the US and UK -- but to make it work, after visiting the WP7 Visual Search, I had to change my location (in the top right corner) to "United States - English." Then I had to visit the Visual Search page again. Presumably this will also work if you live elsewhere, too....

StumbleUpon for Android, now with 'app stumbling'

StumbleUpon for Android first appeared back in August. Its debut didn't bring much to the table: in effect, it was just a miniaturised version of the desktop browser toolbar. Today, however, with the release of version 1.3 for Android, StumbleUpon lets you stumble the Android Market. Don't get too excited just yet, though. App stumbling definitely works, but it's not an excellent experience by...