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AppBrain direct push-to-device app installation returns, emasculates Google's Android Market

The supremo Android app discovery site, AppBrain, has re-enabled direct push-to-phone app install functionality. Like before, you still need to install the Fast Web Installer app and AppBrain app on your Android device (QR codes after the break). You also need to open the Fast Web Installer app on your phone and give it permission to install apps. Then, it's simply a matter of clicking...

AppBrain vs. Android Market Web Store, which one will rule supreme?

With yesterday's release of the Android Market Web Store, the venerable and superlative AppBrain finally has some competition. At first glance, the services are very similar -- the logos could be cut from the same mold, and both sites use green-and-grey highlights throughout. Even the layout is basically the same! When you get right down to it, though, there are some marked differences between...