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Easily set your Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo! Mail as Windows' default email client

Mailto:// links are still pretty common on the Web, and they can be somewhat bothersome if you use a Web-based email app like Gmail or Hotmail. Wouldn't it be great if you could tell Windows to open your webmail's compose page instead of trying to load a desktop program like Outlook Express or Windows Mail? There are actually several ways to get Windows to do this, but not many are as simple...

AOL to offer unlimited email storage

In this blog's parent company's ongoing efforts to be more like Yahoo!, AOL will be updating its email service soon to provide "unlimited" email storage. The news comes just over two months after Yahoo! announced it would be removing its cap on email storage. In practical terms, of course, there's no such thing as "unlimited" storage. But since most users don't come anywhere near using up their...