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YouTube for Android 2.2 gets an update, becomes standalone app

YouTube, like all Google apps for Android, used to be integrated into the operating system, and as a consequence, updates to it would only come when new versions of the OS were released. But Google is working to change this situation -- it started with Gmail, and now it has decoupled YouTube from the OS as well, making it a standalone app available in the Android Market. Hopefully this opens the d...

Malware sneaking into Android market

It was bound to happen. In fact, security labs called it. Due to Google's open source platform, malware is starting to sneak its way into applications with the potential to gain access to your personal information - without you knowing it. According to a report filed by Google to the FCC [PDF], they removed about 1% of applications posted in the marketplace because they were suspected to be dan...

Googleholic for August 29, 2008

Welcome to Googleholic, your sometimes-weekly fix of everything Google! In this, the "Anti-iPhone Day All-Android-Edtion" (this one is for you Todd!) edition: Winners of the Android Developer Challenge announced Android SDK features and updates The "Android App Store?" Android links round-up ...