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Calgoo goes free: sync Google Calendar, iCal, and others for free

Since the dawn of time Google Calendar, we've been waiting for a free, easy way to fully synchronize our Google Calendar to desktop calendar clients like iCal. We'd love to be able to access the same calendar data across multiple computers, but it's always been a messy affair, not free, an incomplete solution, or PC only. Well, Calgoo has been one of those paid options up until now, but the min...

30 Boxes: Best web-based calendar ever?

30 Boxes is a next-generation web-based calendar that'll be hitting beta later this week. I'm not very excitable when it comes to web-based calendards, even the new breed of AJAXy ones, but blogger Thomas Hawk got in on an early demo (along with a few other Web 2.0 notables like Matt Mullenweg and Andy Baio) and declared: "Best... Calendar... EVER!" In his long review, Hawk calls 30 Box...