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Opera 10.6 goes final: fast, WebM support, malware blocking powered by AVG

We've known for a while that Opera 10.6 was going to be fast -- the Carakan JavaScript engine has kept Opera's performance near the front of the pack since its debut. What we didn't know was that version 10.6 was also going to bolster Opera's malware defenses. The new malware-fighting abilities are provided by the folks at AVG, and they work well -- notifying me that the site hosting Justin...

Forget the potato, Opera 10.6 speeds past Google Chrome 6

Potatoes shooting out of tubes... A browser racing against boiled spuds... It's all good for a lighthearted laugh, but you're probably more interested in how a browser performs against non-tuber. A while back, Opera 10.5 briefly snatched away the speed crown from Google Chrome on my system. Chrome's been comfortably in the lead for quite some time now when it comes to performance, but that may...

Apple's naughty list: which apps aren't ready for Snow Leopard?

We've all heard - or seen for ourselves - how OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is basically a smaller, faster version of 10.5 Leopard. That doesn't mean much if your favorite apps still haven't been updated to be compatible with the new OS. I've had a good experience so far, with all of the major apps I run working quite well under Snow Leopard, but Apple's keeping a list of some that don't. Your...