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Flash Player 10.1 goes final: hardware acceleration, private browsing support, more

After months in the release candidate stage, Adobe has finally pushed Flash Player 10.1 out the door. Those of you who follow our site are probably familiar with the biggest addition to the new version -- hardware acceleration -- but there's plenty more under the hood than the ability to harness your GPU for extra muscle. Flash Player 10.1 also includes accelerometer and multi-touch support, b...

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 gets a release candidate

Hardware acceleration in the browser is quite a popular topic these days, what with Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla all doing their best to harness your GPU. Adobe's been hard at work, too, putting the finishing touches on Flash Player 10.1. A release candidate is now available for download from Adobe Labs, and it's looking good. If you've got a compatible GPU in your system, watching HD video ...

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 to cooperate with private browsing modes

There have been more than a few blog posts lately talking about how websites can use Flash cookies to keep tabs on you even if you're visiting their site using your browser's private browsing mode. It would appear, however, that the crew at Adobe thinks this is something which should change. According to a post on NeoWin, Adobe is working to make sure that Flash 10.1 will play nice with the pr...