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Sublime Text brings Mac-like text editing to Windows (Download Squad)

Nov 3rd 2009 3:56AM I tried this (but surely _not_ because I wanted "Mac-like" editing...).

At first it looks amazing, especially the mini view on the left side, but the TeX implementation sucks, and it seems that drag and drop of selected text is not possible!?

So I changed back to TexMaker and Programmer's Notepad.

Study secretly tracked 100,000 cellphone users' locations (Engadget)

Jun 5th 2008 4:11AM It's strange that Nature is even willing to publish results that were created in such an ethically doubtful way.

Munk Bogballe turns MacBook into luxury "Workstation" (Engadget)

May 17th 2008 1:13AM @absurdio:

I think the context menu is one of the best usability ideas ever: A menu that always offers you the relevant choices of operations relative to the object on which you want to apply that operation.

How can you say not using context menus makes better GUIs? I can't follow you, sorry.

Dell to replace all European Vostro 1310 and 1510 keyboards (Engadget)

May 8th 2008 9:24PM Wow, I guess, applying PUBLIC pressure web 2.0 style is a way to ACTUALLY make dell fix their mistakes.

There should be website only for that purpose so everyone can get decent support from dell with EVERY problem, not just this one.

Automatically delete empty subdirectories with one-line batch file (Download Squad)

May 7th 2008 11:25PM "Deleting empty subdirectories seems like something Windows ought to do automatically"

-> Huh? I'm pretty glad that it does not...

Yahoo bid is no more, Microsoft withdraws (Download Squad)

May 4th 2008 2:49AM I really don't understand why MS was interested in Yahoo in the first place. It's not like Yahoo is in any way relevant...

Screen Grabs: Lost's Ben shoots Nikon (Engadget)

Apr 27th 2008 11:18PM Wow Engadget, really skillful how you en passant bashed Nikon and that way made complete fools of yourself.
Are you seriously believing Canon is better than Nikon? Well I guess it fits your other camera expertise as witnessed by your typical blurry product photos.

Medion's Akoya Mini takes aim at the Eee (Engadget)

Apr 26th 2008 6:20AM You mean "ironically", right?

The internal Microsoft sales video you wish you hadn't seen (Download Squad)

Apr 17th 2008 8:40AM It's doubtlessly bad. But there is much worse. Let me just give you this link:,1000002000,2122409-2,00.htm

Amazon MP3 has little or no effect on iTunes (Download Squad)

Apr 16th 2008 10:23AM I don't understand these analysts' statistics.

Why do they look at (#New Amazon users coming from Apple / #Current Amazon users) instead of (#New Amazon users coming from Apple / #Apple users before Amazon MP3's start).

That would be a much more significant number if you want to know if Amazon threatens iTunes...