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Farewell, Internet (Download Squad)

Apr 12th 2011 1:54PM Looking forward to your next projects *sans AOL*.

GreenPois0n RC6 rolls out untethered Apple TV jailbreak (Download Squad)

Feb 21st 2011 9:14AM So tired of having to get around Apple's security. Can't we all just agree the warranty is void and leave JB devices alone?

Thunderbird Conversations 2.0 alpha 2 released (Download Squad)

Jan 21st 2011 1:41PM You might have mentioned that this plugin only works for people testing Tbird alpha 3.3 and up, not for any of the released versions. This renders it useless for anyone not testing bleeding edge builds of Tbird.

Samsung Galaxy S set for simultaneous launch in 110 countries, probably this month (Engadget)

Jun 1st 2010 3:51PM @ConceptVBS
Even if I believe that for the Behold II, how do you excuse the (unlocked & unbranded by carrier) Galaxy?

And nothing explains not releasing the drivers but sheer greed to drive the customer to buy a new phone. May as well take a tip from Apple and seal in the battery too.

There's a long trail of disappointed Samsung buyers in the last few years, and that's all I'm noting.

Samsung Galaxy S set for simultaneous launch in 110 countries, probably this month (Engadget)

Jun 1st 2010 1:18PM Don't be tempted by the specs, Samsung will forget all about this phone the minute it ships.

I'll bet $50 the MyTouch 3G gets more updates to future versions of Android than this beast. Seriously.

Last year's "amazing specs" Galaxy/Behold II is now terminal at v.1.6, and Samsung won't even release the drivers so the hacker crowd can update the phone. Get it yet? They just want the sale.

Samsung Galaxy S hits the FCC with AT&T bands onboard (Engadget)

Apr 13th 2010 10:55AM 9 months ago they were announcing the first Galaxy. They abandoned that phone completely in under 6 months from launch. Samsung does not support their mobile products, stay away. You won't be getting any Gingerbread or FroYo on this phone no matter how sweet the specs are.

Android Online Radio: Thousands of radio stations on your smartphone (Download Squad)

Feb 11th 2010 9:46AM Why does this app look almost exactly like Cherry Rplayer?

Firefox for Mobile makes Maemo its first home (Engadget)

Jan 31st 2010 11:41AM

Select Nexus One users complaining of touchscreen calibration, 3G connectivity issues (Engadget)

Jan 19th 2010 9:25AM I have an N1. Be better if the email had a sig & tethering out of the box but other than that:
- No 3G issues
- Good Tmo coverage
- No touchscreen issues
- Never seen or heard of the light sensor flicker issue..?

It's a serious improvement over my Nokia e66 or my previous android phone (1.5). And I trust Google and HTC will issue updates regularly and keep improving the phone.

eBay to eliminate listing fees for casual sellers (Download Squad)

May 12th 2009 10:14PM Ha ha what a joke. eBay does all it can to support the "storefront" eBay user and THIS is the concession for the little guy? Craigslist must be killing them, and good riddance.