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57% of Android apps are free -- iPhone apps: only 27% (Download Squad)

Jul 7th 2010 7:18AM The android market actually to requires a $ 25 google merchant it's not free...

Don't understand why apps are cheaper on android though..smaller market should mean higher prices to recoup development costs....

iPhone GPS navigation head-to-head review (Engadget)

Apr 9th 2010 5:51PM One big caveat w/ Google Nav is you need a data plan...not everyone does ;-)

I'm looking forward to having Navigon or TomTom on Android...both look pretty good from the review. The review should also mention that Navigon will tell you that the destination is on the left or right (it tells you after you arrive, but it should tell you before you get there like iGuidance did). Tomtom is missing this feature...

Lenovo debuts new SL, R, T and W series ThinkPads (Engadget)

Jul 15th 2008 12:46PM and what resolutions will they be available in? :-P