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Snagit for Mac comes out of beta -- First hands on (Download Squad)

Nov 15th 2010 5:38AM Is there a good guide out there to using the mac built in screenshot tools? I mostly use skitch for now. Works great.

Winamp for Android beta is full-featured and offers wireless media sync (Download Squad)

Oct 22nd 2010 6:47PM I have tried it and think its really awesome. I have music player pro though, and even though I had to pay for it, I'm really happy with it. I compared both and they are very similar, I liked music player pro's theme more. I am not sure which one I will stick with yet. Does anyone know if there is a codec difference between the two?

I'm talking about this music player pro

I think there are a couple

The physics of Angry Birds: just how fat is the red bird? (Download Squad)

Oct 19th 2010 10:26PM Yes!! Now I will be calculating physics all night! When will I ever recoup my sleep! Fuck it, its worth it.

Want FaceTime on 3G? Try Tango (

Oct 8th 2010 3:24AM I tried tango and it's been great. I tried it with three friends, over wifi and 3g and the results were amazing. The quality is a little better than fring and its dead simple to set up to use.

I have setup list and reviews on appolicious for apps. Check it out at Join and let me know which apps you want me to try out.

The Apple iPad: starting at $499 (Engadget)

Jan 27th 2010 5:36PM Dissappointed!

It seems to me like they just took the iphone os, slapped it on this hardware and called it a day.

no flash, no multi-tasking, no camera, not the netbook i was hoping for at allll. My netbook actually lets me get work done, this lets me pretend im working.

I call it a FAIL!

If i go to someones house i the next 6 months and they have an ipad, I will seriously consider giving them a lobotomy.

iTwin fileshares over CEATEC showfloor, Mac firmware coming early 2010 (video) (Engadget)

Oct 8th 2009 10:26AM you are not the target audience for this for sure. But most soccer moms, other teens or other non-computer people might find this very useful.

I can't count the times sending files through aim as failed. Or when rapidshare give me, you have downloaded enough for today come back tomorrow. Or when my ftp server magically has the hiccups.

99$ is too much. I'd say 40 is max. This works best for those who don't know much about computers but need a secure way to send data to another friend. Like their earlier demo, i really hope they release updates for multiple user access cause I'm pretty sure most people might have more than one friend they consider sending stuff too.

Amazon clarifies Kindle book-deletion policy, can still delete books (Engadget)

Oct 1st 2009 6:00PM yes, exactly. Thank you. I completely support this notion. Do not buy the kindle. There are other ebook readers and many more coming out soon. Google still has a high stake in ebooks and is undoubtedly going to support a e-reader. They have an investment in cool-er. This device supports PDF, EPUB, FB2, RTF, TXT, HTML, PRC, JPG AND MP3. Sounds better to me and cost 250. Kindle only won in my opinion cause people are lazy of how they acquire books. Its really hard to take a few minutes plug in the device and sync it with a book you bought through your computer. No, you MUST have access to the bookstore, all day, all night, everywhere you go. Ridiculous.

Amazon clarifies Kindle book-deletion policy, can still delete books (Engadget)

Oct 1st 2009 5:55PM @goopy

Yes I have heard of the possibility that police will raid your home if they found out you bought stolen goods. A few years back a guy bought a series of hard drives that were stolen and when the actually thief got caught he told the police who he sold it to and they police confiscated the hard drives. It wasn't easy to get all the hard drives, but I would never necessarily put something past the police cause it will give them extra work. Paper work sucks but the thrill of catching someone, getting something back, a possible adventure is something that even paperwork can't stop.

Amazon clarifies Kindle book-deletion policy, can still delete books (Engadget)

Oct 1st 2009 5:42PM It doesn't support pdf's. That's epic fail. I've tried the conversion thing, not up to par at all. No numbered pages either? lol. Its not even about paper anymore. Its about keeping the features I have with the current paper technology. I need something that takes paper technology and its features and translates them into an electronic device with even more features.

The other format not supported is a comic book format i've always wanted. I usually take the comic book jpgs and make them into a pdf, but guess what, it doesn't support pdf's. fail. Thats even going pass the complete lack of support for color. Seriously.

I give the kindle a 4/10. 4 points for the cool leather case I can put a paper book in and it'll hold my place in it when i wanna start reading it again later.