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Common Linux myths dispelled (Download Squad)

Feb 1st 2007 8:15AM Linux may be a good idea,but the only thing their apps beat other on the windows and mac world is the price.There are a lot of apps and apps,and is bad to talk about all of them at the very same time but I wont spend money on most open source apps for linux and that I would do for some commercial ones on windows.Or i would choose free apps that are now commercial(or at least not open source)besides linux ones.They use to work better and at least improve and move the market and make the ideas(not the code)that later open source apps would try to follow.This last example fits the case of the gimp,as i see ir a competitor for Photoshop 7 but not Photoshop CS3.

About the problem of video compatibilities,programs avalaible,Beryl included,etc.There is still a little bit way to go for apps to be eassier for a common user to install.An user wantiing to install beryl for example(guess it has a Nvidia graphic card,not to weird on the real world)still needs help,or by the way,its boring and kinda difficult as you really dunno what you are typing or what for.But that is if they really know what they have to do.Lets focus on Beryl.

Beryl is not a replacement for aqua or aero but quartz for example.Linux windows styles are bad done or copied(Thought they are not plagied)from those of Widows and Mac OSX.Beryl is useless as a tool to impress me if windows are bad looking(plain colors,bad done edges,etc).Besides that most of their effects are also useless.Only 3 are really productive,as they are those on MacOSX(I guess Vista does it wrong anyway).And if we add its so hard to install it,and Vista or Mac have it ready on install we got a point more or less in one of the bands.

About the posibilities of running windows apps on linux...well,you know,thats not productive,its full of errors or/and inconveniences,and games are the same.

I dont find myself comfortable on linux mainly for the interface of the system,but anyway its not easy to understand how to ork with it by my parents,not enjoyable by my brothers(becuase of the fault of games they like)and a hassle sometimes even for me(i have to work with it,because of my career).

Trillian Astra sneak preview (Download Squad)

Nov 23rd 2006 5:58PM

From the column at the right of the firefox window,on the bottom right of the trillian Astra Interoperavility webpage:

"IMCore Statistics

* IMCore compiles natively on Win32, Linux, and OSX.
* Currently, all Cerulean-developed network plugins are powered by IMCore. Which means they all compile on Linux and OSX. Which means... :) "

I guess that is an important appointment that hasn't been are the editors of download-squad but if i were by your side i would have put a little more enphasis on that point than you :P ;).

El iPod Nano (Engadget Spanish)

Sep 7th 2005 6:35PM Os*** si es de verdad...kiero ago uno de papel o carton...¿? XDDDD simplemente wow,lo unico la bateria...