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TERA website updates with glyph descriptions (Massively)

Dec 4th 2011 7:26PM @Zyrusticae
"hype overload, the failure in Korea, and their general failure to do proper PR, it's rather difficult for me to have any enthusiasm for the game. "
ENOUGH SAID. I was looking forward to this. but not anymore.

Swtor - then guildwars, if tera is out, i doubt ill play that. I think guild Wars is going to kick some major ass in the mmo market. No sub fee!...what/

TERA monthly chat talks public previews, PvP, and more (Massively)

Nov 22nd 2011 11:24PM I was so hyped to play this game. I was so hyped to play this game. I was so hyped to play this game...

that i dont even want to hear aobut it anymore!

Swtor and Gw2 coming in....forget it.

If they are taking this long to release an already released game then just wait till they need to patch and fix things here. It will take years, welcome Aion again.

New TERA videos highlight BAMs, again (Massively)

Nov 17th 2011 12:23PM @edgecrusherO0
you are right. they also need to shut the fuck up when Swtor is actually coming out.
I so hyped to play this game like 8 months ago. Now im just like, fuck you, Swtor, Skyrim, bf3 and if GW2 comes out a few months after Tera comes out, then fuck you too

Wings Over Atreia: TORn away (Massively)

Nov 15th 2011 4:50PM "friends to hang out with,"
you just said you loged in and no one was online.

What do you think will happen when TOR comes out ?

yeah, everyone is playing Bf 3 / Mw3 and Skyrim to fill in the gap to then play TOR. They left Aion ages ago.

Besides, RNG proved to be a sub killer.

The Daily Grind: How should free-to-play games restrict content? (Massively)

Oct 22nd 2011 6:58PM @FrostPaw
Like League of Legends. I love the game and thus i spend money on my favorite skins for my most played chars

DC Universe Online announces Legendary subscription plan (Massively)

Oct 21st 2011 5:16PM Ive also been trying to verify for a while. I have searched my emails and nothing. He just loves to criticize and like LOL another - unverified said, Even some staff members post like this.

DC Universe Online announces Legendary subscription plan (Massively)

Oct 20th 2011 10:43PM @(Unverified) *Pay ---- Dam, why cant we edit comments? is 2011 almost 2012

DC Universe Online announces Legendary subscription plan (Massively)

Oct 20th 2011 10:42PM They are playing with fire now. Making all this buzz about F2P - more like, Access to play one character and you cant do shit else unless you play.

League of Legends patch preview describes Dominion balance changes (Massively)

Oct 17th 2011 8:28AM I actually welcome the LoL news to fill in for a slow monday news. =) dont mind guys. LoL and Diablo 3 should be covered here.

Patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV's 1.19a update unveiled (Massively)

Oct 13th 2011 7:05PM This game really hurt the image of the FF series.