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MadWorld boxart is simply awesome (Joystiq Nintendo)

Oct 25th 2008 2:05AM I don't know. The cover guy reminds me of the heavy class from Team Fortress 2. And the logo on his back reminds me of Gears of War. You know, along with the chain saw.

babysmash! lets you let your little one beat on your computer (Download Squad)

Aug 5th 2008 5:29PM This is a pretty old application. It was covered the same blog as well.

PaRappa t-shirt contest got the got the funky flow (Joystiq)

Jul 25th 2007 1:44PM It's based on the cover of 8 Mile. Aha, I like it.

25 best free high-quality fonts (Download Squad)

Jul 15th 2007 8:03PM Because we were hoping to stick it to the man by cutting it out. Gotta problem?

Dark_Alex quits the homebrew scene (Joystiq Playstation)

Jul 2nd 2007 6:02PM Haha, this doesn't mean people will start buying anything. DAX left us enough tools to be able to rip UMDS, build ISOS, and hex edit demos. If he's big enough to get noticed on PSP Fanboy multiple times, then he's done enough already. Thanks, DAX.

DS Daily: Personal time (Joystiq Nintendo)

Jul 1st 2007 3:28PM I'm on the toilet as I'm leaving this comment. My DS is charging right next to my sink. Haha.

Giveaway: have an iPhone on us! (Engadget)

Jul 1st 2007 3:22PM Hehe, I want one! I

PSP Fanboy Theatre: Volume 26 (Joystiq Playstation)

Jun 30th 2007 10:38PM Wow. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam?

Age of Hella Cheap Games, revisited (Joystiq Nintendo)

Jun 15th 2007 6:56PM LMFAO. It's nice to see Bay Area slang coming into the DS world. Ahaha, I love 'cheap ass gamer'-like segments! They're hella cool.