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Farewell, Internet (Download Squad)

Apr 13th 2011 6:58AM WTF? Who's idea was this? First the earthquake in Chile, then BP in the gulf, then the earthquake in New Zealand, then Fukushima....now this? How am I going to hear about free portable programs? I paid readbag to bookmark a bunch of your posts.

Corel VideoStudio X4 giveaway (Download Squad)

Feb 24th 2011 7:17AM I'd totally love this.

Jing Pro giveaway (Download Squad)

Nov 23rd 2010 8:38PM Love the free Version...ready for a free pro version.

Camtasia 7.1 giveaway and video review (Download Squad)

Nov 15th 2010 6:05PM It's my turn to win one of your giveaways...... isn't it?

SugarSync giveaway: win a 30GB account for a year (Download Squad)

Nov 10th 2010 7:11PM This would really help with my teaching duties.

Need a flu shot this winter? Google has you covered (Download Squad)

Oct 12th 2010 10:27AM I was right....you have been brainwashed beyond hope.

Need a flu shot this winter? Google has you covered (Download Squad)

Oct 11th 2010 7:39PM You're clearly uniformed about "science." You also sound like one of those "head in the sand" types who will refuse to look at the evidence. I put up some radio shows here.... (drop.io/lcoldwell). You might listen to MIT chemist Dr. Raymond Francis talk about how 85% of medical procedures are NOT backed by science. You may listen to other countless doctors talk about how vaccines never helped an epidemic but were the cause of numerous epidemics or how vaccines are filled with toxic heavy metals and cancer viruses. Search "Who are the Quacks?" on youtube. There's a doctor mentioned who said he "never saw cancer in an unvaccinated person.
More.... (drop.io/bodyelectric) (drop.io/bpharma)

Need a flu shot this winter? Google has you covered (Download Squad)

Oct 11th 2010 9:05AM Only a fool would take a flu shot...it's poison that has NO benefits!

Got World Cup fever? Get a vuvuzela app for your mobile device! (Download Squad)

Jun 16th 2010 2:22AM You've got to be kidding. They should ban S. Africa from ever hosting again because of the miserable noise all the games are drowned in.

Give-away and Video Review: Mufin Player Pro (Download Squad)

Jun 4th 2010 9:01PM This would be an awesome 50th birthday present...yeah dude!