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Pirate Bay crew found guilty (Download Squad)

Apr 18th 2009 8:40PM When I was new to the the internet and the whole morpheus thing about a decade ago... I thought that those artists or record producing companies earned money for every MB downloaded or something... what I mean is, I thought they had a deal with ISPs...

If that isn't the case... why don't they do it now?... and offer everything for free... that way people will spend more time online... and those companies will earn more...

I guess if internet subscription rates grew people won't mind... cause people are getting top quality in return and... no one can live without the internets :D

Dubai Burj al-Taqa skyscraper to generate all its own energy (Engadget)

May 14th 2007 10:53AM @ spam_from_engadget... I've lived in Dubai, in the summer it's intolerable to walk around in the streets, so people don't get to walk around that often, except maybe at the beach, so basically almost every means of transportation is air conditioned, the temperature fluctuation is hardly noticeable...

@ Karl... the idea here is not search for alternative sources of energy per se rather than searching for "environment friendly" sources of energy which, in this case, is obviously an alternative to oil...