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A Single Serving Site Pioneer Keeps Keeping it Real (Urlesque)

Jul 30th 2008 4:53AM how pointless, also I can't see any because adobe/macromedia don't feel like supporting my platform.

Gmail gets IMAP (Download Squad)

Oct 25th 2007 11:36AM a blow for those advocating web based mail as a replacement for desktop MUAs.

This is good.

Hacker's project sends media-filled hard drives to troops (Engadget)

Sep 22nd 2007 10:05PM Since when is adding a bunch of files onto a drive 'tinkering with hardware and software' or 'hacking'?

Readers' Sad Songs: No. 7 (Spinner)

May 10th 2007 2:25AM its actually about a guy on death row for killing his girlfriend/best friend (one or both)