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Using Firesheep as a hacking tool may be illegal in the US, UK, and most of the world (Download Squad)

Oct 29th 2010 8:43PM "Are you saying that _all_ broadcast data is free game, or what?"

YES with one quid pro quo. if no encryption or protection is involved.

IE "OPEN" broadcasts. a wire transmission is not an OPEN broadcast its limited to the wire its sent across.

a transmission over airwaves is free for ANYONE to intercept. you however may not decrypt or otherwise defeat protection of any sort even simple obfuscation is valid protection.

but data sent OPENLY over a wifi connetion is NOT under wiretap laws and it is NOT illegal to intercept that data or at least should not be (who knows with todays illegal unconstitutional laws being written left and right)

this is why it is wrong to make it illegal to use someone's open wifi connection.

its not theft its not trespassing. if you put a neon sign over your UNLOCKED WIDE OPEN front door that says PLEASE come in anyone everyone.

would it be tresspassing if you walked in? NO.

when you have an open router and announce enable that is a NEON SIGN saying come one come all please come in.

No tresspassing and no stealing has occured.

simply turn of announce. now even though your connection is open with no encryption I also have no sign saying COME IN so normal societal conventions come into play.

if my front door is unlocked or even wide open. that is NO invitation or permission for you to enter my home.

so turn off the damned come in sign :-) or accept the consequences of leaving the sign up and don't cry foul.

Fight Firefox resizing with four simple steps (Download Squad)

May 7th 2007 2:10PM No actually its more akin to the artist selecting the size of the canvas to work on and is perfectly understandable for them to want to resize your window BUT its a FLAWED understanding. You see while an artists can choose there canvas I AM THE ONE WHO CHOOSES the canvas when I view there site IE I select a monitor, SCREEN Resolution, and BROWSER dimensions. IE this is an artist DRAWING on "MY" canvas - they need to understand this :-)

SO anyone know how to DISABLE "preventing" resizing? ie when something opens a new window and it somehow disables my ability to manually change the size of the window? I REALLY hate that :-)