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Welcome to the new Engadget! (Engadget)

Sep 18th 2006 5:09PM Using this post to register myself ;) Nice, love the screen usage.

Warner to put thousands of music videos on YouTube (Download Squad)

Sep 18th 2006 4:59PM Perhaps Warner wants a piece of YouTube? Blogging stocks had an article about possible YouTube IPO. Here:


Google Browser Sync (Download Squad)

Jun 12th 2006 12:15AM Yeah, it loads all the time. It's a firefox extension which is loaded everytime firefox restarts. What you can do is get an extension which allows you to keep firefox open even through utilisation of the system tray. But, why would anywant want to keep firefox open when its memory usage is so poor.

The google sync icon is pretty ugly too.

Is Windows Media Player 11 an iTunes-killer? (Download Squad)

May 22nd 2006 2:45PM The difference between WMP10 and WMP11 with regards its library managing feature - is almost nil. Need something much more simpler than that if they want people to be actually utilising it properly.

Firefox 2.0 alpha 2 released (Download Squad)

May 14th 2006 2:56PM Uhh.. where's the part about decreased memory usage?

Dvorak says Microsoft is dead in the water (Download Squad)

May 4th 2006 4:06PM Does this guy have anything that is not subject to his own "hi-i-am-60-year-old-money-making-company-hater" opinions? This guy always sounds like his so jealous. Plus his probably seeing his deathbed by now, and still can't support his opinions. Opinions without support are just as bad as onion induced breaths. Get real dude, you ain't gonna see the world for too long.

By the way, if this seems like cruel, Dvorak does it all the time.

ScanR: Scan documents with your camera phone (Download Squad)

Apr 20th 2006 3:50PM #2, since his talking about a camera, it's logical to assume that MP stands for mega pixel.

This service is cool.

Boot Camp: the day after (Engadget)

Apr 10th 2006 7:25PM --- #94
I guess comments from all levels of computer users are important. Even if they have absolutely no idea. What is being achieved, how it is being achieved, and do they work or not - all matters.

Boot Camp: the day after (Engadget)

Apr 10th 2006 7:03PM Has anyone yet to see benchmarks of Windows XP running on Mac OS X over at ZDNET.UK?

I don't know how Apple designs their software or even tests (if they have a testing program), but if they could design it so that Windows XP running on Apple machines end up in BoSD, then I guess people have no choice but to "try" the alternative - Mac OS X. And coincidentally, Apple isn't so good at producing robust software nor do they even test their hardware/software properly.

-- Response to #13
What on earth is "Internet was designed for IE" - who came up with that idea? There were RFCs, then came the IE and Netscape. Not, there were IE, then came the Internet. Web developers should know a much more about the concepts behind the Web and place where the Web is made available.

Boot XP on Mac right now (Download Squad)

Mar 18th 2006 12:06AM Just for the sake of it. Do not question why, question how.