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How to create shortcut/hotkey combo for safely remove hardware box (Download Squad)

Mar 14th 2008 12:41PM Make sure you left click on the tray icon and not double click as well. It brings up a nice, easy to read set of options -- devices you can remove. Click and remove! It's much easier to use and understand at a glance than the crazy dialog you show above.

Zoogmo offers P2P file backup solution, no seriously (Download Squad)

Jan 30th 2008 3:24PM CrashPlan (http://www.crashplan.com) already does this as one of its features (or it can back-up ala Mozy style to a centralized server). It also works on Win, Mac, and Linux.

Tax-free online purchases could be a thing of the past (Download Squad)

Nov 14th 2007 5:55PM I grow so weary of seeing this type of post and sites saying, "tax free!".

Wisconsin has exactly the law pointed out in #6. And actually, it applies to ALL purchases, not just internet purchases. If you go to a neighboring state, and don't pay tax on clothes for example, you still must pay the local rate for taxes in Wisconsin. If you pay taxes in that state, and the tax rate is higher, you're credited the difference in the overall amount you owe for taxes (supposedly, although we've never been close to the amount to see what happens if it were to be less than zero in the end).

So, I already pay taxes on all Internet purchases, and many other states have the same rule. It's easy to track the purchases using a credit card and note that no tax was charged. That's what my wife and I do.

Although, we prefer when taxes are charged on the purchases, just so we don't have to worry about it later.

So, if NY passes the law, no big deal to me as we already have it. :)

I believe also that it's not a law that no state applies taxes to purchases, just that there isn't a federal tax *also* imposed on internet purchases.

Looking at today's internet using yesterday's browser (Download Squad)

Jul 12th 2007 8:03PM All I need to do is use my Windows Mobile 5 Internet Explorer to experience yesterday's browser! :)

iPhone: it isn't the price I'm worried about (TUAW.com)

May 2nd 2007 8:47PM What I've been told by many different Cingular reps -- the data plans are priced based on expected use for each device (in reality -- how much data really is expected for the "unlimited" plans). So, on devices that have small screens and no QWERTY keyboards, the data plans are cheaper as they don't expect you'll practically be able to use much of your data plan. But, when a QWERTY style keyboard or larger screen is in play, the data plans are far more expensive. Usually double. I had an Audiovox 5600 smartphone from Cingular with the MediaNET plan @ $20. However, if I were to step to the Treo 750, which is still Windows mobile, it's $39.99 a month for unlimited data.