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Video: Building the Ducati Diavel in one minute (Autoblog)

Feb 27th 2011 11:59PM Harley Davidson.

York, PA

Been there. Done that.

Gmail's Contacts overhauled, general layout tweaked (Engadget)

Aug 11th 2010 6:32PM Please feel free to count me among half dozen who liked it the old way. Sure there are needed improvements, but an advance warning would be nice. Please let us know what is coming and is going away.

Just a request, a more consistent interface between email contacts and voice contacts.

Or... How about merging Gmail, Google Voice, Google Calender, and contacts into one application? Oh, wait a minute, that was Wave.

Google Wave flatlines: no plans to further develop standalone product, future is in other Google services (Engadget)

Aug 4th 2010 8:23PM I can't say that I'm surprised. I have a Wave account, I couldn't /give/ my invites away, No one wanted them, I couldn't convince even one person to setup an account.

I think Google was trying to supplant LinkedIn, Facebook, and Plaxo and throw in a little realtime colaberation as well. But I think it was an invention in search of a need to fill.

Stanford cuts down on clutter by removing 70,000 books from its Engineering Library (Engadget)

Jul 13th 2010 10:03PM I'd be very happy to take a few of those books off their hands.

Books never need to be recharged.

Microsoft Kin is dead (Engadget)

Jun 30th 2010 6:27PM Maybe, a better business model for it would have been closer to that of the Nook.


Charge a reasonable price for the phone, regular cost for voice services, social specific services for free, and sell non-personal, aggregated data based on word usage & frequency to advertisers.

Engadget app updated for Android and webOS (Engadget)

Jun 29th 2010 11:06AM Still, no love for those of us stuck in a contract with a WinMo phone.

And I thought you cared about us!

Undercover Chinese reporter exposes Foxconn working conditions (update: full English translation) (Engadget)

May 19th 2010 7:18PM @bigcow05

I the price to the end user went up by double, the employees who actually work on the assembly line wouldn't see (the equivalent) of a nickel more, but they probably would see more motivational posters proclaiming how much their hard work is appreciated by their employers.

Undercover Chinese reporter exposes Foxconn working conditions (update: full English translation) (Engadget)

May 19th 2010 7:14PM @HektikLyfe

Um, they need the money? Maybe they feel that they owe their families for paying to send them to the "Big City" to earn a living?

Undercover Chinese reporter exposes Foxconn working conditions (update: full English translation) (Engadget)

May 19th 2010 7:11PM @bigcow05

How do you define "safe"? What do you require to constitute "unsafe"?

If the employees were exposed to chemicals that caused suffering and disproportionately high rate of death, would you be willing to act on the employee's behalf or just tell them to quit and get a new job?

So, there are employees that are exposed to levels of stress that you wouldn't allow a dog to be exposed to, but for the people who scratch to earn a living, send some money home to their families, you're willing to tell them, you get what you get when you work where you work, so live with it... Or die from it.

You're a credit to the word "Capitalist".