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Ubuntu alpha hits a snag (Download Squad)

Sep 29th 2008 3:37AM I'm not going to blame you because you don't seem to be a software developer but you are a journalist and I believe it's your responsibility to research things beforehand. In my opinion this is pure stupidity as Ubuntu releases an aplha so bugs can be found, they give you a disclaimer saying they don't care if you install the aplha and it fries your machine or it makes your computer try to kill you. They give you their thanks in return though. That's the way it goes.

I suggest you don't blame Ubuntu for their response because that's asinine. You can by all means WARN people about it though. This is akin to making an article on how the user switcher applet kept on crashing for me in Ubuntu Aplha 6 and it's Ubuntu's fault for not pulling that pesky network manager from the aplha and saying sorry to every Tom, Dick, and Harry because they didn't like it. I'm just giving you friendly advise even though I'm just a random person on the internet so you can do as you please with the little knowledge I have that I've given you.

The Ubuntu developers may not seem to care but I know that as a developer it's irritating when I have someone complaining about something in an aplha instead of just filing a bug report and leaving me to my work. No matter what you do with this text you read though I hope you have a nice day.

Flipping the Linux switch: Xfce, the hidden gem of desktop environments (Download Squad)

Apr 28th 2008 9:39PM Actually Fluxbox seems very nice, i want to see it implemented in Fluxbuntu as it looks very promising.

Flipping the Linux switch: Xfce, the hidden gem of desktop environments (Download Squad)

Apr 28th 2008 7:26PM I installed and am running Xubuntu on my old computer that became too old to run WinXP. It's very nice, just as good as Ubuntu but should really be used by those who have systems that don't have many resources.

Mozilla says Firefox 3 beta is ready for prime time, we beg to differ (Download Squad)

Mar 21st 2008 12:00PM I've been using the beta's since beta 3 and i have to say that it isn't fully ready for the masses yet. It does work stable enough for me to use it as my main browser at home, but it needs a little bit more time to mature. Currently using the beta5pre.

Vista SP1 officially coming tomorrow? (Engadget)

Mar 17th 2008 8:40PM But will it blend?

Search multiple BitTorrent trackers with NowTorrents (Download Squad)

Mar 7th 2008 6:22PM So this is basically youtorrent? Also, your link to the pirate bay just leads to a phishing site ATM.

Code Geass PSP game includes full episodes (Joystiq Playstation)

Dec 27th 2007 2:27PM I haven't seen any advertising like that. C.C orders alot of pizza but besides that i don't see any pizza hut adverts.

PSP Fanboy hands-on: God of War: Chains of Olympus (Joystiq Playstation)

Dec 15th 2007 8:40PM You mean that you hope the game won't come out on PS2 right? Because it's already coming out on PSP. :D

Today's deals: After Burner, Marvel Trading Card, 4GB MS (Joystiq Playstation)

Nov 23rd 2007 6:52PM I just ordered a 4GB memory stick from frys with 2nd say shipping. I expect it on teusday and i'll tell you guys what i think.