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Director of Firefox fires opening salvo at Apple's tyrannical Mac App Store (Download Squad)

Oct 26th 2010 5:00PM "Buggy apps will be rejected"?

About time developers tested their programs properly before releasing them onto the World.

Evernote 4 for Windows is a complete overhaul of the popular note app (Download Squad)

Oct 26th 2010 4:58PM I bet I can't use Windows 7 speech recognition to directly speak my notes into it?

Few Apps do.

Mozilla Labs Seabird: what an 'Open Web' mobile phone of the future could look like (video) (Download Squad)

Oct 2nd 2010 4:12PM Clearly placing a 3.5mm jack socket on the side is not a great idea if you, like me put the phone in your pocket with the headphones attached....

Apple TV delayed in the UK due to LoveFilm deal? (Download Squad)

Oct 2nd 2010 4:07PM Well obviously Apple needs to get LoveFilm on-board as otherwise there is nothing to show on it!

Netflix doesn't allow it to be used in the UK.

Editorial: Waiter, there's a Nazi theme in my Android Market (updated) (Engadget)

Aug 14th 2010 6:40PM Terrible shame that a symbol for the Sun and life got stolen by the German Socialist party in the 1930s... :-(

Dear Firefox, please fix the crappy Find UI already (Download Squad)

Jul 14th 2010 6:37AM Another bad feature is the build-in spell checker because it does no phonetic suggestions.

So most of the time it can't guess the best word if you're dyslexic.

The main trouble with Firefox or Thunderbird is that to get a feature added or fixed you have to be a programmer and agree that the feature needs altering then do the fix.

With the commercial browsers, the browser designers decide and the programmer does the fixing and their opinion doesn't come into it.

So it doesn't matter if 1000 people want a bug fixed, if you can't find a programmer willing to do the fix it doesn't get done.

Take a look through the bug list in these two products and you'll find bugs 5 year or older that still haven't been fixed.

FastStone Image Viewer is a very capable, free image viewer; IrfanView is still better (Download Squad)

Jun 9th 2010 2:44PM IrfanView and AHK are such a hot combination, I'm glad I'm not the only one to see the benefits of automating the two together to get more productive.

Been using these two for years.

Aequilibrium is a physics time waster with a sense of balance (Download Squad)

Jun 9th 2010 2:40PM Nice game, Yeah pretty easy though to complete the 20 levels. adds HTML5-powered drag-and-drop uploading (Download Squad)

May 29th 2010 1:01PM N8ce to see a feature that was in RISC OS in the 1980s finally making an appearance.

Computer solves 400-piece puzzle in 3 minutes; scary implications for photo manipulation (Download Squad)

May 24th 2010 12:37PM You don't need to have 'moving lenses' just moving sensors and we already have these in the form of image stabilisers. So accidental blur could be a thing of the past.

The camera just needs to take two images very quickly (already possible) and use the two images now stored in a buffer to write out to your storage card a blur free image.

Nice to see the role of pure mathematics being used in such a popular media.