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The Bill Day giveaway (part 1) - Toshiba Gigabeat T400 (Engadget)

Jun 27th 2008 1:27PM Microsoft Sidewinder joystick. That thing was beautiful for combat flight simulator!

HTC Touch Diamond shots and specs: this week's big announcement? (Engadget)

May 3rd 2008 5:35PM If you look at the side photos, you'll see the corners are slightly cut. The back of the phone may be painted that way, or the plastic is cut like that, and they leveled it off with some clear plastic to make it flat.
So I don't think it would hurt your pocket all that much.

Redesign giveaway: HTC's new Shift UMPC (Engadget)

Apr 14th 2008 7:33PM I'd use it for browsing engadget of course! And I was in the market for a small laptop, if I win it, it saves me some cash aswell :)

Samsung puts the kibosh on SSD reliability worries (Engadget)

Feb 24th 2008 12:52AM You can get high quality 500GB SATA harddrives for $100....

CES 2008 ultimate swag bag giveaway: like a Xmas stocking in January (Engadget)

Jan 11th 2008 1:08AM The 150" panasonic plasma was amazing, and I also really liked the curved display's from alienware.

Video: MyVu Crystal and Shades still incredibly dorky (Engadget)

Jan 9th 2008 5:29PM What is this outside that you speak of?

Phosphor E Ink watch giveaway (part 3) (Engadget)

Dec 26th 2007 6:59PM my watch broke last weak, the strap part :(

id like a new free one :)