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International Kindle users: here's how Amazon is screwing you (Download Squad)

Aug 30th 2010 1:13PM @Winchester I think you're over thinking this. A company's ISP doesn't charge them more because a bit might be going overseas. The company is charged the same for each bit it puts on the internet, regardless of the bit's destination.

For 3G the bit had to pass through a cellular provider and that charge varies by country, but for Wi-Fi there is no such charge, it is all just bits on the internet.

Flipping the Linux switch: openSUSE, geeko of many colors (Download Squad)

Apr 13th 2008 8:19PM Kristin I really enjoyed your write up. I'm in a similar boat, SuSE was the first distro I tried and it does have a special place in my heart. I test installed 10.1 on a laptop and it didn't set up the wireless properly and I promptly removed it. I'd like to give it a try again and I think you're convincing me. I'm on Ubuntu now and I like it, just want to see what else it out there.

- rmjb

How to enable DVD playback in Ubuntu (Download Squad)

Feb 10th 2008 2:02PM Yeah it's legal reasons. You have to pay a license fee for DVD playback, and since Ubuntu is free as in no-pay, they can't include it pre-installed.
It should be said that circumventing CSS in the US is not legal.

Flickr users laugh at Microsoft-Yahoo! deal (Download Squad)

Feb 10th 2008 10:06AM I hope MS is seeing this, because it makes no sense spending billions of dollars for users who are promising to leave the platform as soon as you buy it.

Dell stops selling AMD-powered machines online (Engadget)

Feb 7th 2008 9:36PM I like AMD and that's my prerogative. Before Dell started selling AMD systems I didn't even consider them. When they started I advised the small businesses I was supporting to buy Dells and got them AMD Dells. If they cut out AMD again I'll just move my business to HP.

Why? Because as I said before I like AMD and that's my prerogative.

Sigma's DP1: a DSLR in a compact's body (almost) shipping this Spring (Engadget)

Jan 31st 2008 12:30PM This is coming from a layman, how does the Canon Powershot G9 compare to this?

- rmjb

Amazon MP3 store to spread DRM-free love global in 2008 (Engadget)

Jan 27th 2008 9:34AM This can't come too soon. In my little country itunes isn't here and there is no way to get legitimate downloads except maybe emusic, which doesn't have anything I recognise anyhow.

Amazon, you have another customer in waiting here in Trinidad and Tobago.

- rmjb

AIM in Gmail (Download Squad)

Dec 5th 2007 12:41PM Thanks Tomer that worked great!

iriver clix 2 plus DMB equals clix+ (Engadget)

Dec 3rd 2007 7:12AM Because it's a gadget.