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New MacBook Pro tear-down (TUAW.com)

Feb 26th 2008 9:53PM
I'll do a break down, they are better. Bar none. I was thinking about a secondary imac and really wrestling with it, but you know what? No way, the graphics card, FSB, and getting rid of the ridiculous controller are all great advancements for technology and the human race as a whole. Thanks!


Steve Jobs live from WWDC 2007 (Engadget)

Jun 11th 2007 1:17PM just for reference.

Believing the hype on .Mac-Google (TUAW.com)

Jun 10th 2007 10:59PM oh i hope! Keep us updated on Google/.mac if you hear anything, i do hope that something is done with .mac, gmail imap integration/clouds in the sky, oh my!

TUAW's Top X Things To Do if You Can't Attend WWDC '07 (TUAW.com)

Jun 10th 2007 5:00PM What is with all the negative energy on this blogpost, lighten up, and like Dave said, smell the roses.

TUAW's Top X Things To Do if You Can't Attend WWDC '07 (TUAW.com)

Jun 10th 2007 1:16PM Maybe number 11 could be just assume the best and start buying .mac family packs for friends and relatives.

MacBook Pro line updated (TUAW.com)

Jun 5th 2007 12:56PM The ram and the graphics cards are a major upgrade, this seems better than the macbook upgrade a few weeks ago, processor, mercury free...

Measuring simultaneous internet viewers P2 (Blog Maverick)

Jun 4th 2007 3:47PM Very insightful look at how users can look at different architectures in advertising and how to approach media in numerous ways.

Competing with the NFL (Blog Maverick)

Jun 4th 2007 3:44PM oh, i don't know, what about the Bart Starr's & Brett Favre's? The history is why many people like these leagues. It will be very difficult to try an attempt a 2nd legacy, people seem pretty happy with the NFL.

New iPhone Ads: what Mac ads should be (TUAW.com)

Jun 4th 2007 3:25PM Simplicity is the key here. When the iPod debuted, there was 0 information about specs, how it worked, & why you would want it. It was just music, action, and satisfaction. The SINGULAR FOCUS is the same here for this campaign, except it is slower, and speaks, "instruction" over "action", its almost informative as if they are teaching us how to use the next gen device. Neat, but not that fun to parody - the 'Get a Mac" ads were golden.. these just simply carry a silver flashiness to them. i think the "Get a Mac" ads are further reaching, and more fun, they are also... spent.

Perhaps some parodies will arise with these replacing "Calamari" with another word, but aside from that, there is no bones about 'em. The phone is for sale, this is how it works. Effective enough and the main buzz is already there. Three stars out of five.

iPhone release date confirmed: yours on June 29th (Engadget)

Jun 3rd 2007 10:19PM which of the commercials was shown on 60 minutes?